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Terms of use

Please read this page carefully prior to ordering services from us, and make sure you understand what it says. It's a binding contract between YCS and you. If you have any questions about what you see on this page, please feel free to contact us at or +972-3-7522322.

"Software" is a platform for managing customer relations and providing on-line access to stock-in-trade.

Granting of the user license
The company hereby grants to the customer a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the software in accordance with the terms of this agreement.
The agreement provides the customer with a license to use the software via the EasyStock's servers and for the customer's individual needs only. The company owns the exclusive copyright in the software, as well as all knowledge emanating from and intellectual property rights connected to it. This agreement does not grant any license, right or interest in any trademark, copyright, knowledge, trade name, service symbol or other intellectual property right in the software or any part of it.

Restrictions on use of the software
The customer is not authorized to transfer, share, pledge, assign, sell, lease, hire out or grant a sub-license in relation to the software or the rights in it. the customer is not entitled to carry out any duplication, alteration, conversion, dismantling or compilation of or any other changes to either the software or its components.

The company's undertakings
Through its support center, the company provides its customers with technical support regarding the use and operation of the software either over the phone or via E-mail correspondence between the hours of 09:00 and 18:00 local time, other than on Fridays and Saturdays, religious holidays and the day before religious holidays, for the period of one year from the date of purchase. Similarly, the company shall be under a duty during this period to repair mistakes and/or malfunctions in the software in so far as it is able to do so, at reasonable times and provided that notice of the mistake and/or defect and/or malfunction in the software was brought to the company's attention. the provision of technical support is conditional upon a reasonable knowledge of Windows applications and proper use of the Internet in a work environment which allows users to browse through the software and operate it in the manner intended. It is hereby made clear that the support center only provides assistance to those who have been lawfully authorized to use the software. Without derogating from the foregoing, the company shall be entitled to cease providing support services without notifying the customer in advance should the customer fail to discharge any pecuniary obligation owed to the company.

The customer's undertaking
The customer undertakes that he shall not either directly and/or indirectly, whether operating alone or via a third party, alter, supplement, reduce, delete, translate or adapt the software and/or its source code in any way and confirms that should he nevertheless do so then the company shall not under any circumstances be held accountable for the software and its function.

Limited product liability
The company does not give any guarantees as to the software's performance or the results which the customer may achieve by using the software or any implied undertaking or representation (in any way) and does not undertake to bear responsibility for any matter, including, amongst others, the suitability of the software for any given purpose, its integration, quality or flawless function. Neither the company nor any third party gives any guarantee that the programs contained in the product satisfy the customer's requirements or that the software shall operate continuously and without mistakes occurring. The customer bears sole responsibility for and the risk involved in choosing the software in order to achieve the desired results, as well as for use of the software and the results actually obtained thereby. In any event, the company's overall responsibility to the customer with regard to the software and this license agreement shall be limited to the size of the last ongoing amount actually paid by the customer for the software.

Policy with regard to use of electronic mail and junk mail
The company agrees that you may use its electronic mail services provided that you do this in accordance with the user conditions and policies applying to these services. Similarly, you are aware and agree that you shall be solely and absolutely responsible for the use of electronic mail for commercial and/or business purposes and that you shall make no demand and/or claim against the company with respect to such use. It is hereby made clear beyond all doubt that in case of difficulty and/or failure to provide and/or disruption to the mail service, the company shall not be liable towards the business owner or its customers or any other party associated with the business with regard to the service and shall not be obliged to pay any compensation or indemnification for loss or difficulty. You are forbidden from using the electronic mail services in breach of any general or specific law which prohibits the creation and/or transmission of junk mail and/or the carrying out of any activity associated with the creation and/or transmission of junk mail, whether directly or indirectly, by act or omission.

Publication of contents
The company shall not be held accountable in any way for the contents of any website or handset in which they appear, their substance, reliability, accuracy, authenticity and effect on the computers of those surfing the site as well as for any damage, inconvenience, loss, mental anguish and similar results, caused to you directly or indirectly, to your property or to any third party as a result of using them. It's possible that links to various other websites or sources will appear on the site. Since the company has no control over such websites and sources, you confirm and agree that the company shall not be responsible for the availability of any other websites or sources, contents, advertisements or other materials ("the materials") found on such sites or in such sources. Similarly, you confirm and agree that the company shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage and/or loss and/or expense including for mental anguish caused to you or your property as a result of exposure to and/or use of the websites and/or other sources as aforesaid, including any of the materials.

Account management system
The software includes an account management system for internal bookkeeping only, although this is not a substitute for maintaining those books of account required by the account management rules and the laws of the State.

The software shall be made available to the customer for his continuous and permanent monthly use once the payment specified in order form, attached herewith as an integral part of this agreement, has been actually and fully discharged. The software's source code shall remain in the sole possession of the company without being passed on to the customer. The customer shall have no ownership or user right in the source code. The basic storage of the software shall be provided by the company as an essential term of this agreement and as part of the service included in hiring the software. Annual service, storage and maintenance fees shall be paid yearly in advance during the first month of each year during which the service is provided. A Shared Secured Sockets Layer shall be purchased separately at the customer's request in accordance with the price quotation particulars and order form.
The payment terms shall be as follows: In accordance with the agreement and price quotation attached herewith as a mandatory and integral appendix to this agreement. VAT shall be added to the prices quoted as required by law and shall be paid by the customer. The prices shall be calculated according to the representative exchange rate of the U.S. dollar on the date on which the customer's account was charged.

Intellectual property and copyright
The software and all the rights in it are owned by the company. The structure, organization and code of the software are valuable trade secrets and confidential information belonging to the company. Nevertheless, the customer using the software shall bear sole responsibility for the contents of his own website and the company shall in no way be held accountable by the customer, those using the software or any other third party for any of them. So long as the software is being used, the company's credit address shall be displayed at the bottom of the system worded in accordance with the company's standard format.

Neither party to this agreement shall disclose, transfer, pass on to others or make use in any way of any information which has come into their possession as a result of, during and/or incidental to honoring their obligations under and/or in connection with this agreement or shall do so with respect to any knowledge, document and data of any kind coming into the possession of either party as aforesaid or into the possession of anyone employed by him and/or on his behalf which concerns the other party to the agreement, including the latter's activities, businesses, customers, employees and trade secrets.


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