EasyStock Lite provides diamond companies the ability to create an online business website with a minimum amount of time and effort.

The point to this is to work with changing stock, ideas, text, and concepts to keep visitors to the site interested. It’s not just for image. It’s like going into the office, deciding which diamonds to work with – on any given day - or give to a broker, and then “selling” online.
This is ideal in these challenging times when companies in the diamond industry suddenly find themselves searching for the means to innovate and promote their businesses to an international audience in the most optimal manner.

An Israeli-based software developer has come up with an effective solution. But it’s a solution that needs hands-on attention. That’s its unique quality.
Headquartered in the heart of the Israeli diamond center, Yahalom Creative Solutions (YCS) has been developing sophisticated marketing tools for the gemstone and jewelry industries for more than 10 years. Its latest offering is an adaptation of its multi-faceted EasyStock application. This is a stock management and online sales system that interfaces seamlessly with standard accounting and database software and also with the industry’s most widely used online trading platforms.

“In these challenging and changing times, we realized that forward thinking diamond companies are searching for effective and interesting ways of reaching out and showing what they are doing to a wider group of interested buyers – jewelers, designers, and retailers (online and off),” said Moshe Elkayam, CEO of YCS.

"EasyStock Lite was developed (and recently adapted) with exactly those needs in mind. This online service is available for a nominal monthly “hosting” fee and traders can develop a unique type of online business with stock-online for direct sales with clients or to connect with established trading platforms. The thing is, we have limited it to 100 diamonds for a reason.

“It means that you have to pay attention to it - all the time or whenever you want. Make changes, add special stones, move stock around. Just like you’d give parcels out to a broker. Actually, you can think of it as your private online broker. The point is to give visitors to your site an idea of what you have to offer and with which gemological certificates you are working.”

“ Things are happening so fast in the bourse – and changing all the time that you want to be flexible and to be available to people who need suppliers whether they are in the country, planning a trip, setting up appointments before a tradeshow, or just want to make contact and meet in the future.”
The program is also very easy to use and we provide online support for our subscribers including a new Community. Joining the EasyStock Lite community is the way to the future.
The community allows diamantaires to network and stay connected with the important activities of the times.

All you need is a computer, an online connection and a valid subscription.”
Source: Diamond-Portal.net