Frequently Asked Questions


You don’t need technical expertise in order to use EasyStock, but some basic training is required. 1-2 hours for a Foundation User is usually sufficient, whilst an Executive User or site owner might require 3-4 hours training.

Yes it can. EasyStock works by allowing users to separate brand content, such as words or images, from the actual design of the site. This enables you to control the brand and structure of your site, and determine which contributors have access to which areas of your website. The branding of diamond and jewelry companies is our speciality and we have many years of experience in the sector.

Yes. EasyStock supports multiple languages, including those with Latin-based alphabets and non-Latin scripts, such as Chinese, Arabic and Thai.

EasyStock provides a range of features designed to enable to you to manage your stock and trade online in a secure and safe environment. These include user-level security features, which ensure that only those individuals who have been allocated user names and passwords are able to access closed areas of the website. They also include hosting server-level features which protect the website from hackers, viruses and Trojans, and junk spam.

EasyStock’s Executive User level enables complete control over users, groups and permissions. Sets of permissions can be defined and applied to certain groups from any number of locations, and a file locking system prevents multiple users working concurrently on the same pages and overwriting content. This makes it very simple for you to manage your multiple user groups, regardless of location. The multi-level, role-based permission system provides the ability to set up Content Owners and Editors, and also to restrict the ability to manage workflows by department, by indicating exactly which web pages each individual is authorized to update.

The hosting of your website is part and parcel of EasyStock’s maintenance package. The websites are hosted on dedicated servers that are maintained and serviced, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.

Yes, we experienced in converting existing static sites into websites one you can update oneself, as well as bringing all the other benefits offered by EasyStock.

EasyStock is a live program, and the client's version of the program is continuously updated by YCS, EasyStock’s developer. Updates are provided periodically and automatically, although you will be informed about each update by YCS.

Naturally this depends on the size of the project. We have very good turnaround times and if you do have a deadline to meet, will make every effort to get you up and running in time with you schedule. In any case, we will always provide you with as accurate an estimate as we can.

EasyStock has been extensively tested, and works as the designer intended using Internet Explorer 7 and up, Windows, the Apple Operating System, Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers.

Yes, very much so. EasyStock actually supports search engines by associating content with meta data. It is URL-friendly, and built according to international standards. And this helps your web site achieve higher rankings in search engines.

Yes we do. YCS provides a range of custom-made solutions. For more information please email:

Yes, that is certainly possible. If you have already acquired a domain name through a third party domain registrar, then we will give you the settings that you need to apply in your domain registrar in order for the domain to work on your EasyStock site.

Our offices are open from 9:00am to 6:00pm from Sunday through Thursday. To speak with one of our e-commerce experts, please call +972-3-7522322. You can also email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.