Why EasyStock?

At EasyStock, we understand the specific needs and requirements of jewelry retailers and diamond dealers, as well as wholesalers and manufacturers in the two industries. Because we are industry veterans with a deep understanding of gemology, we are able to develop the precise technology you need to build and run your diamond or jewelry business and keep up to date with the ever-changing world of online trade.

EasyStock is the perfect way to manage your diamond and jewelry inventory online, and grow your business activity.

The Top 10 Reasons to Choose EasyStock:

  1. Web-based system - available at any time and accessible from anywhere in the world giving access to an unlimited number of people
  2. Easy to operate - state-of-the-art features designed specifically for the diamond and jewelry trades
  3. Get on with your work! - we carry out automatic maintenance, back-ups and security updates of the program leaving you free to work  and grow your business
  4. Modular, extensible architecture - whether you are a small or large company or somewhere in between. Whatever your size and requirements, EasyStock will customize the program for your exact needs
  5. Proven security track record - the program is built with the most advanced technologies, enabling high levels of security
  6. Global business - work in multiple locations with a central database keeping records of inventory
  7. Adaptable and versatile - create unlimited content pages to suit your specific requirements
  8. Snap to it - a user-friendly and highly intuitive program enabling a swift learning curve
  9. Industry leading - YCS is an established company working with the diamond industry for more than a decade
  10. Powerful, flexible, modular - EasyStock system is flexible and will grow with your company and will service your needs as your business expands

And one last thing to mention ... EasyStock is Fun!

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