Satisfied Customers

Don't just take our word for it! Below is a selection of testimonials from satisfied clients showing how bringing EasyStock into their operations led to a more efficient way of working and raised their bottom line.
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"Please express my thanks to your team.  Yes it look a lot of time, more then what we plan, but my experience with you is grate. thanks for your patience and quick response. I am looking forward to our continues working together."

Israel Zehavi

"Seren Diamond have been selling diamonds online for many years. In the past we experienced a number of problems with different platforms we tried. In 2010 we started using EasyStock’s e-marketing platform. It is very user-friendly and offers a number of marketing tools. EasyStock is very familiar with the demands of the diamond industry and provides numerous supportive tools, not only for marketing, but a very convenient and professional platform for SEO that didn't exist in the tools we used in the past."

Marina Seren

"We needed a system that could be tailored to meet our precise requirements in the colored diamond trade - and the only one that we found that could be customized to our needs was EasyStock. We sell our diamonds in a very specific way, such as sets of two or three diamonds in a box, as well as sets and layouts, so we needed a program that would let us show sets rather than just loose individual stones. EasyStock lets us easily present our beautiful collections to clients. Thank you EasyStock for delivering on your promises - and much more!"

Asi Abir Diamonds

"Like many diamond firms, we are in a constant battle to find and win new customers all over the world. EasyStock has given us the power to show our products online 24/7/365. No longer are we an 8AM-5PM company - we are now out there all the time showing diamond manufacturers our wares. EasyStock has made a huge difference to our sales."

Michal Kattan

"Selling jewelry has never been tougher because the competition today is unbelievable. That's why we looked for a way of giving us an extra edge without breaking the bank. EasyStock fulfills all our marketing and sales needs and gives great value for money. It lets us pinpoint potential customers and inform them of the goods we can supply them with."

Orit Zikri

"We are happy with the professionalism of the EasyStock team. No problem is too much for them. They are always happy to assist and are positive. They guided us all the way through from start to finish teaching us how to use the system and to get the most out of it."

Shahar Hochfelder

"I am a marketing writer who has been writing on the diamond industry and producing web sites for diamond companies for the last 10 years. I needed a web site design company that understood the industry as well as I did and could create a sophisticated site for me that would show potential clients exactly what I could give them. Many thanks..."

Albert Robinson