EasyStock is an advanced Stock Management System (SMS) developed by webmasters and diamond professionals, designed to manage stock and client relations. An efficient and inexpensive marketing solution for tough times, EasyStock Lite gets diamond companies and their stock online. With the onset of a recession that some are calling the worst crisis to have impacted the world economy in more than 70 years, companies in the diamond businesses suddenly find themselves searching for the means to present themselves to an international audience without stretching their financial capacity.

An Israeli-based software developer has come up with an elegant solution. Called EasyStock Lite, it provides diamond companies the ability to create a simple corporate website, via which it is able to offer up to 100 diamonds for sale online. Headquartered in the heart of the Israeli diamond centre, Yahalom Creative Solutions (YCS) has been developing sophisticated marketing tools for the gemstone and jewellery industries for more than 10 years. Its latest offering is a more limited adaptation of its multi-faceted EasyStock application, which is a stock management and online sales system that interfaces seamlessly with standard accounting and database software.

“We began developing the EasyStock system about six years ago. About six months ago we commenced with the development of the Lite version, following a series of requests from clients that they would like to see a less expensive starter version. Over the past quarter we added a number of additional modules and we have been conducting long terms trials”, introduces Moshe Elkayam, CEO of YCS. But how different is EasyStock Lite from other existing online trading platforms? “In contrast to other available systems, EasyStock Lite does not require interfacing with other stock management systems. It is a simple, self-standing Internet-based stock management and client content management system, which includes a basic website for the company and also a bookkeeping system which is exclusive to EasyStock. EasyStock Lite supports the sale of all standard diamond shapes in the white colour range, including rounds, cushion cuts, princesses, tapers, emerald cuts” explains Moshe Elhayam.

EasyStock Lite limits the user to 100 stones. This means that the price of each stone can be keyed in individually. EasyStock Liteis designed specifically for smaller and medium-sized companies getting their foothold on the Internet. As they become more established, it is more likely that they will need to use the more advanced pricing software that is included in comprehensive EasyStock versions.

EasyStock Lite already has several dozen users, although a good number of those are diamond traders who had specifically requested that the Lite package be developed. Given the simplicity of the system and the fact that it enables a smaller or medium diamond traders to create an Internet-based sales platform overnight, the company is confident that a figure of several hundred users can be reached within a short space of time.

The monthly fee requested is $69 for general services like:
1. a basic website enabling the sale of diamonds online;
2. a license that does not limit the number of users;
3. an advanced and easy-to-use content management system;
4. a unique sub-domain and electronic mailbox address;
5. hosting;
6. ongoing maintenance and support.

“In these difficult times, we realized that many diamond companies are searching for effective but inexpensive means of reaching the markets,” said Moshe Elkayam,. “EasyStock Lite was developed with exactly those needs in mind. It’s a multi-user online service available for a nominal monthly fee, with which they are not only able to establish their own website but with which they are also actually able to make sales, 24 hours a day, at no extra cost.

It’s cheap, effective and very easy to use. EasyStock Lite is designed specifically for smaller firms that wish to offer an immediate selection of their stock online. Then, at a later stage, if they want to expand their online presence, they can easily upgrade to one of EasyStock’s more comprehensive packages.”

“There was a time, and not very long ago, that the Internet was considered a curiosity, but today it is a basic tool of business, like the telephone. A client will not ask you if you have a phone; he automatically assumes that you have one. The same is becoming true of an Internet presence. To be without one is like being without a phone. EasyStock Lite is designed to provide that Internet presence”, concluded Moshe Elkayam.