While cognizant that an online trading capacity is fast becoming a requisite in the diamond trade, many companies continue to delay the critical decision as to when to take their businesses onto the Internet. Many smaller and medium-sized firms consider the technical requirements TO be overwhelming, and as a result continue to display cold feet. But an Israel-headquartered software developer intends changing their minds, by providing an elegant and simple tool for taking their businesses online.

EasyStock is an Content Management System (CMS) that enables companies both to manage stock and online sales, while interfacing seamlessly with standard accounting and database software and also the industry's most widely used online trading platforms. It was developed by Yahalom Creative Solutions (YCS) and was born at the request of several long-time clients, who required an easy-to-use program that would enable them to upload and manage their diamond inventories online.

"For many in the business, and especially the owners of smaller and medium sized firms, the prospect of taking your business online is daunting," explained Moshe Elkayam, YCS's president and CEO. "Some even have created static websites, essentially to provide information about their companies. But when it comes to setting up systems that enable them to upload their merchandise to the Internet and then conduct actual sales online, they feel ill-equipped to take the next step. EasyStock empowers them to make the journey."

The standard bearer of the EasyStock family is EasyStock PRO 3.0, which is the latest generation of the Internet-based stock management program and is designed especially for businesses specializing in the manufacture and trade of polished diamonds. Among its special features are:
A custom-designed website of up to 10 pages (not including editorial content);

  • The ability to upload an unlimited quantity of inventory;
  • The option to edit details on a diamond by diamond basis;
  • The ability to list the stock of suppliers with a pre-determined price margin;
  • The customization of price lists;
  • A diamond price calculator;
  • A direct mail database.

EasyStock PRO 3.0 is browser-based, meaning that there is no requirement to install or maintain new hardware or software. Maintenance and updating is managed by YCS itself. The EasyStock Pro user license does not limit the number of users.
For companies taking their first tentative steps on the Internet, YCS developed EasyStock LITE. Within minutes, its latest edition, EasyStock LITE 3.0, provides companies with a fully functional four-page website and interactive trading platform. EasyStock LITE enables inventory uploads of up to 100 diamonds.

"Some companies may prefer to get their feet wet on the Internet using EasyStock LITE, before advancing to a more comprehensive program such as EasyStock PRO," said Elkayam. "In any case, we promise them a trauma-free journey on to the Internet, and the ability to painlessly adapt and enhance their businesses for the 21st century."

EasyStock Lite is an innovative IT product of Yahalom Creative Solutions Ltd. (YCS), a veteran design studio and advertising and branding agency that operates in the diamond industry, as well as in the colored gemstone and jewelry business sectors. At YCS, we realize how important effective marketing tools are for these industries, especially in these challenging times.

YCS designs and produces both promotional and interactive Internet websites, audio-visual presentations, printed advertisements, Internet banners, display booths for trade shows, digital simulations, internet movies (You Tube), product packaging and visual elements of corporate identity. By doing so we help our clients maximize the potential of each and every company's individual skills and expertise to accommodate for the changes in the business today and to be better prepared for the unique challenges of tomorrow.