Ramat Gan, Israel--A software developer has created a program that gives diamond companies the ability to create a simple corporate Web site that can display up to 100 diamonds for sale, allowing them to gain international exposure without spending a ton of money.
EasyStock Lite, a development of Ramat Gan, Israel-based Yahalom Creative Solutions (YCS), is a more limited adaptation of YCS' EasyStock application, a stock management and online sales system that interfaces seamlessly with standard accounting and database software, according to a press release.

"In these difficult times, we realized that many diamond companies are searching for effective but inexpensive means of reaching the markets," YCS Chief Executive Officer Moshe Elkayam said in the release. "EasyStock Lite was developed with exactly those needs in mind."
He said EasyStock Lite, described as "cheap, effective and easy to use," is available for a nominal monthly fee and provides diamond companies the ability to not only create their own Web site but make sales 24 hours a day.
The software is designed specifically for smaller firms that want to make stock available immediately online.

According to the release, companies that want to expand their online presence can upgrade to a more comprehensive EasyStock package.
Registering for EasyStock Lite requires a valid subscription.