Version 6 of the EasyStock E-Commerce system will be shown at the DiamTech exhibition which will be part of the International Diamond Week, Israel. DiamTech, set to be one of the highlights of the Winter 2015 edition of the International Diamond Week, is a presentation of diamond-industry technology and software.

"The EasyStock system has been developed and adapted over the past decade to fit the constantly changing needs of the diamond and jewelry business," said Moshe Elkayam, CEO of Yahalom Creative Solutions (YCS), the developers of EasyStock. "This is a highly innovative and powerful E-Commerce system that is customized to the requirements of our clients and gives companies a competitive advantage and increased profitability.”

YCS will also be powering the Find Your Diamond system, which is based on the EasyStock program. Find Your Diamond enables buyers to quickly and efficiently track down the exact items they require and to visit the booths of exhibitors who can supply them with those goods, thus saving valuable time. Visitors of International Diamond Week are invited to use the system in real-time to search for the diamonds they require.

The innovative EasyStock system is used by diamond and jewelry firms across the world in the leading industry centers. Among the advantages of the Web-based system are that it is available at any time and accessible from anywhere in the world and allows an unlimited number of people to access it. It is easy to operate and has state-of-the-art features designed specifically for the diamond and jewelry trades.

Version 6 of EasyStock, which has just been released, is a web system created to give users the finest viewing experience for all devices – from desktop computers to mobile phones and tablets.
The IDE expects that more than 400 Israeli exhibitors will take part in the International Diamond Week, with hundreds of visitors from the Diamond Dealers Club of New York and the Antwerp Diamond Bourse, along with diamantaires from across the world.