Yahalom Creative Solutions, a leading agency for graphic design, web design and web applications, announced it has launched EasyStock 3, which includes a list of new and upgrade features.

"The EasyStock search engine is faster and more effective," says Moshe Elkayam, YCS principal. "We have also added a "smart price list" option that allows the administrator to customize the price level per client. In addition, the program's administrator can now set levels of information access per user. Of course, there are many more new features in this new version of easyStock."

With EasyStock 3, users will find it much easier to manage their client data bases, as the software's new version integrates seamlessly with the operator's computer operating system. Built by diamond industry experts, EasyStock 3 interfaces effortlessly with all current diamond management softwares.
Soon, EasyStock 3 will also offer a solution to users who do not operate their own web site but are still interested in using the internet to market their goods. This program is still under development but information and screen shots can already be viewed on the EasyStock website at www.easystock.co.il
Source: Diamond-Portal.net