An Israeli-based software developer has come up with a new marketing solution. Called "EasyStock Lite," it provides diamond companies the ability to create a simple corporate website, via which it is able to offer up to 100 diamonds for sale online.
Headquartered in the Israeli diamond center, Yahalom Creative Solutions (YCS) has been developing marketing tools for the gemstone and jewelry industries for more than 10 years. Its latest offering is a more limited adaptation of its multi-faceted EasyStock application, which is a stock management and online sales system that interfaces seamlessly with standard accounting and database software.

 "In these difficult times, we realized that many diamond companies are searching for effective but inexpensive means of reaching the markets," said Moshe Elkayam, CEO of YCS. "EasyStock Lite was developed with exactly those needs in mind. It's a multi-user online service available for a nominal monthly fee, with which they are not only able to establish their own website but with which they are also actually able make sales, 24 hours a day, at no extra cost. It's cheap, effective, and very easy to use.
EasyStock Lite is designed specifically for smaller firms that wish to offer an immediate selection of their stock online.

Then, at a later stage, if they want to expand their online presence, they can easily upgrade to one of EasyStock's more comprehensive packages."
EasyStock Lite is an IT product of YCS, a design studio and advertising and branding agency that operates in the diamond industry, as well as in the colored gemstone and jewelry business sectors. YCS designs and produces both promotional and interactive Internet websites, audiovisual presentations, printed advertisments, Internet banners, display booths for trade shows, digital simulations, internet movies, You Tube, product packaging, and visual elements of corporate identity.

To register for EasyStock Lite all applicants require is a computer, an online connection, and a valid subscription.